Birthstone Settings

At we've made it simple to customize your gold jewelry with a quality birthstone setting for one of a kind style for the lowest prices offered. Anyone can appreciate a stunning piece of jewelry featuring their very own birthstone. Adding a birthstone will transforms an ordinary piece of jewelry into a resplendent accessory. We can add a birthstone setting to a personalized nameplate, ID bracelet, charm and almost any other jewelry selection in our collection. The more birthstones you add the more you save, with prices starting as low as $35.00 for the first stone. So wear your birthstone or favorite color with pride.

Whatever your reason, a birthstone setting adds a slash of color and distinction to any piece of jewelry. Imagine the gleam in a mother's eye when she receives a remarkable piece of gold jewelry with her birthstone and a birthstone setting for each of her children. Add a birthstone setting to a gift for your child, close friend, or special someone. Why not add a birthstone setting featuring your birthstone and your partner's birthstone to symbolize the commitment and strength of your special relationship. Birthstone settings can even be added to honor your school colors, or favorite sports team colors.

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Birthstone Setting
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Birthstone Setting

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