Baby Shoe Charms

Baby shoe charms are irresistible. Remember how your parents kept your bronzed baby shoe out on display for everyone to see? Parents traditionally take that first set of sneakers and have them bronzed as a symbol of your childhood and one of the first stepping-stones in your life. While you may still opt to follow this tradition and bronze your little one's tennies, why not get a 14k gold baby shoes charm to forever memorialize one of the first milestones of your child's life. While you may find it hard to resist temptation, buying every pair of baby shoes you see when you are out, baby shoes jewelry wont be outgrown in a week.

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14kt gold 3d baby shoe charm
(Item No 5933)
14Kt Gold 3D Baby Shoe Charm
14k gold 3d baby shoe charm
(Item No 5934)
14K Gold 3D Baby Shoe Charm
14kt gold baby shoe charm
(Item No 5935)
14Kt Gold Baby Shoe Charm
14k gold baby shoe charm
(Item No 5936)
14K Gold Baby Shoe Charm

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