Baby Boy Charms

Baby Boy Charms take those unforgettable toddler moments and makes them even more memorable. Handsomely crafted 14kt gold captures the vitality and curiosity off your bouncy baby boy. Browse through an engaging selection of baby boy charms designed to preserve those precious childhood moments while creating an exceptional heirloom quality charm that can be appreciated for generations to come.

Browse High Quality 14K Gold Baby Boy Charms!

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14k gold youth boy charm
(Item No 5878)
14K Gold Youth Boy Charm
14kt gold youth boy charm
(Item No 5880)
14Kt Gold Youth Boy Charm
14k gold young boy charm
(Item No 5882)
14K Gold Young Boy Charm
14k gold boy's face charm
(Item No 5884)
14K Gold Boy's Face Charm
14k gold boy charm
(Item No 5891)
14K Gold Boy Charm
14k gold baby boy's face charm
(Item No 5892)
14K Gold Baby Boy's Face Charm
14k gold baby boy charm
(Item No 5897)
14K Gold Baby Boy Charm
14kt gold baby boy charm
(Item No 5899)
14Kt Gold Baby Boy Charm
14k gold it's a boy charm
(Item No 5905)
14K Gold It's A Boy Charm
14k gold boy t-shirt charm
(Item No 5957)
14K Gold Boy T-Shirt Charm

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