Rodent Charms

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14k gold badger charm
(Item No 2261)
14K Gold Badger Charm
14k gold badger on hind legs charm
(Item No 2262)
14K Gold Badger On Hind Legs Charm
14k gold squirrel charm
(Item No 2698)
14K Gold Squirrel Charm
14k gold detailed squirrel charm
(Item No 2699)
14K Gold Detailed Squirrel Charm
14k gold textured squirrel charm
(Item No 2700)
14K Gold Textured Squirrel Charm
14k gold bushy tail squirrel charm
(Item No 2701)
14K Gold Bushy Tail Squirrel Charm
14k gold 3d squirrel charm
(Item No 2702)
14K Gold 3D Squirrel Charm
14k gold sitting raccoon charm
(Item No 2749)
14K Gold Sitting Raccoon Charm
14k gold raccoon charm
(Item No 2750)
14K Gold Raccoon Charm
14k gold 3d rodent charm
(Item No 2751)
14K Gold 3D Rodent Charm
14k gold beaver charm
(Item No 2754)
14K Gold Beaver Charm
14k gold beaver standing charm
(Item No 2755)
14K Gold Beaver Standing Charm
14k gold beaver profile charm
(Item No 2756)
14K Gold Beaver Profile Charm
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