Giraffe Charms

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14k gold walking giraffe charm
(Item No 2640)
14K Gold Walking Giraffe Charm
14k gold running giraffe charm
(Item No 2641)
14K Gold Running Giraffe Charm
14k gold giraffe running charm
(Item No 2642)
14K Gold Giraffe Running Charm
14k gold standing giraffe charm
(Item No 2644)
14K Gold Standing Giraffe Charm
14k gold giraffe standing charm
(Item No 2645)
14K Gold Giraffe Standing Charm
14k gold giraffe walking charm
(Item No 2646)
14K Gold Giraffe Walking Charm
14k gold tall giraffe charm
(Item No 2647)
14K Gold Tall Giraffe Charm
14k gold giraffes charm
(Item No 2649)
14K Gold Giraffes Charm
14k gold outlined giraffe charm
(Item No 2651)
14K Gold Outlined Giraffe Charm
14k gold outline giraffe charm
(Item No 2653)
14K Gold Outline Giraffe Charm
14k gold two giraffes charm
(Item No 2656)
14K Gold Two Giraffes Charm
14k gold pair of giraffes charm
(Item No 2657)
14K Gold Pair Of Giraffes Charm
14k gold scenic giraffes charm
(Item No 2660)
14K Gold Scenic Giraffes Charm
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